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Originally Posted by 04ZHPGuy
Do you "clay bar" a new car, or just older cars?
You use clay on any car of any age before you are going to perform a task that will require rubbing the surface (like apply and removing wax).

Failing to do so will almost guarantee some scratching due to the microcontaminants that are stuck on the paint surface and won't come off with washing.

You pick up some of this stuff on the paint just by driving it home from the dealer after taking delivery. However, that's insignificant compared to what it's picked up on its journey from the factory, to the VPC, and then to your dealer before you got it. Even though the dealer "details" the car before you get it, this doesn't include a pass with a claybar. If they wax it as part of their detailing, you might find microscratching and swirls (and rarely, worse!!) on your new car because they don't generally do a clay pass before waxing.

I instructed my salesdroid to ensure that they did not wax my car prior to delivery, and that they could only wash it. I told him I wouldn't accept it otherwise. Also told him the same thing if they drilled the front bumper and attached a license plate frame. Thankfully, they followed my instructions, and were able to complete the sale
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