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Originally Posted by Eags View Post
Thanks. At least I know i'm not being totally ripped -off. Is it relatively easy to replace the regulator myself, and are there any pitfalls to be aware of?
It's a simple fix.

When I replace one, I put the window about 2/3 up and then use wide painters tape (the blue stuff) to hold it in place. Stick a couple strips of tape to the outside of the glass face and tape it to the top of the door frame. The window neeed to be part of the way up in order to get to the bolts you need.

The hardest part is removing the vapor barrier (seal) without destroying the butyl rubber seal holding it on. I use a hair dryer to soften the butyl, then cut through the middle of the bead with a razor blade - all the way around the door. There are only a few bolts holding the regulator in place. Do NOT forget to reconnect the interior door handle (the little silver thing you pull on) before installing the trim panel. If you do, you need to take it all apart again to reconnect it - dont ask .

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