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Originally Posted by tipstall View Post
This is what the jack pad looks like installed in the car.

I've never worked with jack pads. Do you install this temporarily when jacking the car, just sliding the jack pad into the car's jack point pockets and then removing it when you lower the car? Or do you install these and leave them in indefinitely?

Also, are the jack point pockets only near the 4 wheels, or is there a similar jack point pocket near the center front/rear where you would use a floor jack to raise the front or rear of the car? (or is the center front/rear jack points already elevated without need for jack pad inserts?)

I've always used a scissor jack when changing out my snow tires on my previous cars. I was considering buying a floor jack with jack stands...but thought that might overkill. Then again, I never really liked the stability of supporting the entire weight of the car on a scissor jack which, if the car shifted, would bring the entire wheel-less corner of the car down to the pavement. Am I just being overly cautious in my old age?

When using a scissor jack to change each individual tire, do you guys also put wood blocks under the side of the car (just in case)--and if so, where beneath the car would you place the blocks? I'm afraid of completely tearing up the external sheet metal if the weight of the car shifted to the wood (then again, maybe that's the lesser of two evils, compared to the wheel assembly dropping 12 inches to the pavement).


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