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Wow Wallenrod, what a comprehensive write-up. Thanks for sharing! We passed each other in ED adventures as my wife and I picked our M3 up on May 7 and drove to Lake Como to start our trip. So much of what you wrote reminded me of our experience(s)...

-Via Michelin IS for $hit esp. around Bregenz. I wrote about this immed. upon returning because I got so pissed off at directions I could make no sense of whatsoever.

-The roads around Como are alright, but narrow and harrowing if you go there early in your trip. Chances are that you will see worse at some point later in your trip.

-The Motorini's attitude is "you've gotta miss me". Same with bicyclists.

-You do become an Italian driver after a few days, but I would not want to have had anything bigger than a 3er on our trip.

-The wife's tolerance is the only limit for driving fun in a BMW!

-There are good Italian restaurants in California and their best dishes do get a 9 on a scale of 10, however MOST Italian ristorantes in Italy need different scaling for their dishes by comparison.

Don't you wish you could go back and do it all over again in 2-3 weeks?!
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