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Originally Posted by RhoXS View Post
I just purchased a 2011 CPO X3. Although the dealer knew one of the two key fobs was missing for almost four weeks before I closed on the car, they did nothing. Nevertheless, they finally sent me a new key fob (I live 250 miles from the dealer).

There was a lot of confusion about how to activate / program the new key fob. The dealership I bought the car from had no clue at all (BMW of Morristown, NJ) and offered no help - the salesman lost all apparent interest after I bought the car. I called a number of other BMW dealers and received a lot of conflicting advice ranging from make an appointment and we charge 1/2 to one hour of labor, to, you can easily do it yourself but we don't know how. After finally receiving the new key fob, I called the local BMW dealer (Burdick - Syracuse, NY) to make an appointment. Instead of just making an appointment, the service advisor put me on hold and went to some effort to find out if an appointment was really needed. This is what the she accurately told me.

Simply take the new key fob and hold it against the marked spot on the right side of the steering column and then start the car (obviously a working key fob is needed). That's all it took to activate the new fob. In fact, the Nav screen immediately popped up with a request to name the profile associated with the new key fob.

Since there was so much confusion I thought I would at least post something that is searchable in case anyone else needs to do this in the future.
I picked up my 2013 X3 this month at Tenafly BMW and was also Missing a Key. They ordered it and when I came in even the SALESMAN knew that. Those were the exact instructions he gave me. I have CA so for good measure I opened the car via the handle. Then walked the current key a reasonable distance away from the car. Then did exactly what you mentioned above, hold the key up against the steering column and turned the car on then off. And to test it I got out and locked and unlocked the car. Amazes me that some dealerships don't train their people.

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