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I love DHP. My salesman said only 2% of people get it and it's not really noticeable....of course, he didn't really know what it was and it took him a week of researching it to figure it out. He finally got a car on the lot with it and I tried it and loved it.

The variable steering is very different from'll find that you often cut corners much, much, much more tightly than ever before (a plus in pulling into parking spots, takes some getting used to avoid taking out the side of your garage or corners in elevated parking garages)...better warn your spouse and kids who don't drive that car regularly!! (I did and my spouse still was oblivious to how the car was turning when pulling into my garage, with me next to her saying "pull past where you normally would to make the turn."

In comfort mode, the car drives nicely, still stable at high speeds, but cushions the bumps in the road (not quite as much as a Lexus, but noticeably softer than in sport mode). Slightly softer than the regular suspension in an X3 without DHP.

In sport mode, everything tightens up. Great for winding roads...even just twists and turns on expressways when you're in traffic and want to keep a tight line at speed. The noticeable advantage is that the car doesn't sway as you come out of the turn, as it would otherwise, with softer suspension active. Feels closer to my Boxster...but clearly the center of gravity in an SUV can't match that in a sports car.

I find myself often changing modes, switching to sport when I want added acceleration or when I'm approaching twists and turns. If you can afford DHP, I'd get probably would like your X3 without DHP in any event, but I suspect it's a feature you'll find yourself using more often than not.

I've gone back to check the steering and there definitely is more "weight" involved in steering when the car is in sport mode.

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