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Originally Posted by 02420X3 View Post
I bought aftermarket winter alloys for my winter tires. My winter tires are about done as snows, and my all-seasons may be done by next winter. I don't have a problem with changing to new tires every few years, depending on wear, but I wouldn't want to be swapping winter/summer tires on/off my 308s twice each year.

If I buy new snows, as I expect to, then when I replace my all-seasons they will be replaced with summer tires, rather than all-seasons. As of now, I expect that all will be RFT.
I like the idea of having a dedicated summer tire and winter tire. Not sure if the next ones will be RFT though. I just saw an add for 4 18" X3 wheels for cheap money that now maybe I'll look into. Then all I need is the jack pad if I go that route. Thanks.
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