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Originally Posted by Nemec4 View Post
Looking for some thoughts on a spare. I realize i could go with the smaller spare tire kit but i also have 4 extra rims fir snow tires. I really do not drive the car much in the winter anyway. I am planning to go to runflats eventually and could i just place a full size spare with run flat in the trunk? I realize that you are not supposed to mix and match rft and nonrft but it would just be in an emergency to get 15 miles or so. I have aaa coverage as well. Wouldyou go with the soace saver or go with the full spare and just buy the jack frim harbor freight and lug tool off ebay.
I am not educated on the matter, but I would use your snow tire.

Me, I just checked out the offerings from ECS, BavAuto, Bimmerzone, and Tischer. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the Tischer. Thanks to Orient... 5 years later... Though the price has gone up for sure, and shipping for me is significantly more than for him, it's still the most competitive price for me.
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