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Question Tires Tires Tires

So it is time for new rear tires..... I have a 2001 4.4i with sport suspension and run 285/45 19 on the rear, always Michelin. OE was the Latitude Diamaris, expensive & doesn't last long. I switched to the Latitude Tour HP which I loved, better price & way better tread life but they no longer make this tire in my size :-(. All of the tire places around me just want to sell me the Diamaris and send me on my way. After doing a ton of research I have still made no decision. I understand that choosing a tire is a personal thing and I don't want someone to "tell me what to buy" but I would LOVE some input on some other tire choices. I don't know anyone else with an X5 and most of the tire sites have reviews by non x5 owners.

All that being said, I live in a warm climate with a good bit of rain. I am an aggressive driver and 3/4 of my driving is done on the interstate if you include trips. I drive a lot and am looking for handling, good tread life and low noise (not too much to ask from a tire right). From reading I have found people like Continental Cross Contact UHP, Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport & Turanza ER30, Hankook Ventus AS RH07 and Pirelli P Zero & Scorpion. I know the newer X5's have come with bridgestones and continental's. I read a few people like Toyo and Yokohama as well, but don't think they come in 285.... Like I said, most reviews on multiple tire sites were from non X5 drivers and ranged from they are awesome to they were awful, noisy and didn't last long..... So, I would love to hear from some fellow x5 owners what they like so I can make a educated choice. I don't really want to give in to the "oh just buy the over priced Diamaris because that is what we have and will fit and shut up".

I thank you in advance for any advice, reviews and opinions you can share!
2001 X5 4.4i

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