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What is part # 2 (51311925433)

Originally Posted by tdawg183 View Post
Yea but it didn't do this before I pulled the "cover" out from around the edge of the windshield. To me it looks as though the window was replaced at some point and the person who replaced it put the cover around the window before they set it on the car. So with the way it was, the cover was acting as my window seal at points.
RUBBER BUFFER D = 11.1 3 51311925433 $1.10

2001 (525I/E39)

I too have the same issues with my rubber windshield molding cover front & back, wanted to tackled it this weekend. But can someone clarify what part #2 is & how to use it. In the diagram it says quantity 3. I ordered from and it says the note below:

(Note : These are only required when replacing or resealing the windshield. Please note: 3 required)

2 problems for me at the moment.
First I have no idea what I'm suppose to do with these pieces. It appears to have a sticky-back. But I'm having a heck-of-a-time lifting the cover to expose the sticky part...appears to be a 3m product...
Second they only sent me 1, the other 2 on back

Also, it appears not to be required for the back windshield molding.

I didn't see any mention of these items in this thread. Though, with the plethora of info I could have missed it.
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