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The fastest way to physically see if your oil issue is related to the Crankcase vent is to pull the hoses that connect to the intake manifold. They connect on the V8 right at the throttle body. One from each valve cover, they are about 1 inch in diameter.
Once dis connected use a pen light and look inside the manifold, there should be no oil, if you see oil you have a vent issue. Look inside the hoses, they should not be wet with oil, if they are, the vent is not working properly.
There are other threads that will walk you through the repair which may include, new crankcase ventilation diaphragms at the top of the valve covers, new valve cover gaskets.
New O rings on the Valve timing control, front of each head, and the valve controllers on the top of each valve cover. I do not have the proper terminology for each of these devices but a air leak at any of these will cause oil to be drawn into the intake manifold and you will have a smoking engine. 1 quart of oil every 400 miles is possible with no other engine damage. Fix these things and you will have zero oil use.
If your manifold has lots of oil in it a cleaning may be necessary. Removal will help get to all the areas that need cleaning. We had to flush ours, first with diesel fuel to break down the oil, then gasoline and finally with soapy water before we installed it again.
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