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Originally Posted by wiredawg100 View Post
Thx for the response, I went ahead and replaced my front molding (2001/525i/E39) yesterday and just skipped the "rubber buffer" pieces as I didn't see any place where they may fit into. Took me about 2+ hours, removing it went pretty smooth. Though, I had to be very careful with the metal frame leftover from the old molding that attaches to the windshield. I could not get much leverage from the old rubber molding since it was too brittle. I spent most of my time inserting the new molding, was a little tougher than I thought, not as easy for me as others indicated here. But overall very doable. Hell, if I can do it, anyone can.

1) Carefully removed old molding (20 mins)

2) Cleaned the grooves with car soap and goo-gone. Also, waxed the edges, just because (30 mins)

3) Installed new molding (45 mins). I think it took me so long because I'm a short could not get the proper leverage to push the molding down, even with a stepper couldn't get a good base balance. Anywho, I managed and it looks decent, a definite improvement.

Materials list:
Front molding from ($42.00)
-Goo-gone; used to clean the black silicone gunky stuff after removing the old molding
-Car wash soap, for cleaning the goo-gone
-Car waxed, just seem to be a good idea
-Flat-head screw-driver (wrapped the end with several layers of duct tape)
--needed that non-marring pry-tool seen a previous post

Plan on treating the my new molding with some type of protectant, any thoughts?
Originally Posted by Ågent99 View Post
Look into Gummi Pfledge. I don't know if that would help extend the life of the cover.
Okay, thx..will look into it...
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