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Originally Posted by furby076 View Post
How should an enthusiast do so? I was at five dealers prior to buying, only ONE had an m-sport. It wasn't with x-drive. So if you don't have an option to try it out, how would you know? On top of that, how much feel can you get on a 1-2 mile test drive. Simply put, the test drives don't even come close to scratching the surface, let alone allowing you to get good report for the feel of the car.

The overall point of this - the e9x had something going, and the pendulum was on the harsh/firm side, and now it's completely on the other side - floaty/soft. There is a happy medium, and they totally skipped it. Their "answer" was to make a DHP option, and even DHP in sport is not the same as what e9x previously had.
I agree;

- Typical "test" drives are more often than not less than revealing,

- Moreover, M Sports are usually ordered cars and few dealers have them on their lots,

- DHP is almost universally a customer ordered option really rare to find on a dealer's lot to test.

Furthermore, being a repeat BMW customer, you expect all BMWs to come with a modicum of "driver satisfaction" as standard equipment.

In general, I believe Xenon lights should be standard on all BMWs - likewise DHP with the exception of M Sport customers who opt for standard sport suspension - besides the obvious benefits to customers, both would give BMWNA great bragging points.

I have owned 8 BMWs and consider myself an enthusiast I do read and take into consideration reviews on Bimmerfest. Recently, I had one open Saturday available to buy a car, I was not shopping for another M3, but for a fast economical all weather car that would still be fun given I am driving more than 2K miles a month. I thought I was going to buy some F30 335i variant.

Having read all the bad press on the F30 328 on Bimmerfest I was preconditioned not to like it. On a whim I tested a 328xi Sportline and quite frankly was astonished in a good way I test drove it again and again then test drove it back to back with the car I originally thought I might purchase a 335i 6MT Sportline. Neither car had DHP. Both cars offered very different driving experiences.

Regarding driver satisfaction yeah, I am pleased with my 328xi in terms of comfort compliancy economy and yes fun. The more I drive the car the more I appreciate its depth of engineering excellence. On a recent rather challenging drive to W VA I encountered a number of fast sweepers and tight switchbacks. Generally, I very much appreciate the compliancy of the car, but on this trip, I saw and felt what many have commented on namely, a feeling that the front end is not perfectly damped. That is, if you hit a bump, you see the front end slightly oscillate, but when encountering a more severe imperfection - surprisingly for just a moment you feel a second momentary up-down motion. However as you push the car - the car just sticks and sticks despite the slightly unsettled motion. Bottom line - I can drive the car very quickly, safely and in comfort.

My 328xi is not my M3, but I find it satisfying in the twisties. Is it an autocrosser no way but it feels every bit like a capable BMW despite its foibles. I am not sure why it works as well as it does but it works and I am enjoying it. If DHP were available to me - I would have bought it - I like it on my X3 M Sport 3.5. Fix the front shocks OK an obvious easy fix but my point is even out of the box the car delivers a satisfying experience. I feel no overwhelming compunction to address the issue on my particular car.

So for those who say the F30 is not a true BMW I say I do not agree. The "Ultimate Driving Machine" is a moving target subject to changing priorities, legalities, and tech. I consider the F30 to be very much an "Ultimate Driving Machine" for the world of 2013. Driver satisfaction came standard on my 328xi.
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