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In all seriousness

The best "PPE" you guys call it? no thats proper protective equipment at work (ear plugs safty glasses)

eh... what do you guys call it.. a pre purchase inspection ? ppi???

What every... regardless of that nonsense (also nonsense)
the best way to look at a car is to drive it... wear a old shirt... and not be afraid to get on your back and slide under it
bring a flash light, look carefully.. and know what your looking at 99.987% of the time.. Im running circles around the seller...

i can uselly trip them up in about 3 min, but thats not whats important.. whats important is that the sale is fair
when we bought the x3 few months back.. i told the guy.. "i was gonna try to *** you down (dont need more fourm points) but since its clean and your honest ill give you what you want for it"
on the test drive.. he was in the back... and he was like "so you know alot about cars?" i was like" just a bit" he says then.... "you need a job"

my wife started laughing... i politely said.. no i don't work on cars anymore.. then explained how i was looking for this truck for about 2 years, he said... how far did you guys come? 100 miles...

he then proceeded to shell the hole story of the aution.... the sales price.. his price.. his mark up.. i told him 1500 pocket it fair...

ended up getting his personal phone number..

ABC for the win
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