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Originally Posted by evanswan View Post
Just Installed Today !

Wasn't too hard. Took an hour. Noticed it let the rpm's rev a bit higher. It is faster for sure. Feels like it just goes through the gears to fast though. I will spend more time driving it tomorrow.

Does anyone know what the motor HP is with the tune. Looks like its 412 at the wheels.
HP at the crank using HP at the wheels should only be calculated as a very, very, very, rough estimate due to the general innaccuracy and errors found with rolling dynos. For example Mustang dynos typically report 10-15% less WHP than DynoJets, so a DynoJet may only need 10% drivetrain loss factor to get to crank HP while a Mustang could need 25% factor, but in general dynos results for even a single brand of dyno have been different by 10% or more. Some of this variation could very well be in manufacturing differences itself, since every N63 will not have exactly the same HP as it rolls out of the factory. It is my understanding (read - no proof) that the advertised HP, especially for German brands, represents a minimum HP spec that would pass all of their quality control checks. So German cars tend to dyno higher than say, US cars, for an advertised HP.

BTW, congrats on your BMS. I'm curious about the rpms, since I would have thought that parameter would not have changed. What's your new max?

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