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Originally Posted by Coder View Post
Sorry, just have to chime in while respecting that everyone has different priorities, price ranges, etc.

The premium package is expensive and, like you, I am not a fan of the moon roof. We almost never use it and it adds weight to a part of the car that doesn't need it. However, I am a really big fan of the keyless entry system. Just put the FOB in your pocket and never have to deal with keys again. We also really enjoy the Sirius radio and my wife, with a bad back, loves the lumbar support, so we ended up with a moon roof. Wish they'd add a delete option on that.

And, I am also a big fan of the 3.0-liter engine. The N55 is arguably one of the best engines BMW offers. It is extremely smooth, very powerful, and very efficient. I just drove a 2014 28 (loaner) and have to say that the bigger engine is transformational, like two separate vehicles. The 2.0-liter engine provides a normal experience with adequate power and reasonable smoothness. No complaints at all, but not exciting. The 3.0-liter engine is exceptional. Power seems effortless and more is nearly always on tap. Astounding torque at low speed, nice muted growl if you put your foot in it, but otherwise very quiet and as smooth as they come. And, our average fuel economy over 30K or so miles is between 24 and 25 mpg (light city and congested local interstate at 6200 ft elevation, and 3 long road trips). we've seen highs between 29 and 31 mpg (all highway at < 70 mph) while the lowest has been something like 22 mpg (winter, local commutes only). Higher speeds and heavier right foot would undoubtedly lower these numbers.

One final suggestion. If you can, do the PCD (Performance Center Delivery). You're not that far away and it's a great experience.

Have a good time with your new car!

Yea the 3.0 is a good engine but for me to get it I would have to cough up about another $100 a month on the lease payments. My main reason of getting this vehicle is that we need more space, my son just turned one plus my wife drives a lexus IS and it's just as small as mine and she loves her car so she wasn't willing to give it up and I ain't giving up my GTO that's for sure. lol We're going to strap him up in the X3 instead and take him to daycare and all that stuff it's just far more safer and practical. We had to get the M sport which is like night and day compared to base on looks. But back to the engine choice it just wouldn't be smart for us to get it given our intentions of use. If I ever decide to purchase an SUV after the lease is up it'll be an SRT Jeep that's for sure.
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