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Originally Posted by ponti33609 View Post
Please know, I am not judging anyone and everyones likes and needs are different. I am just simply surprised by the number of folks choosing looks over performance in what "was" traditionally a performance brand. I think that shows that BMW has succeeded in attracting buyers away from the US/Jap market who may place a higher emphasis on appearance. This strategy will possibly keep BMW a viable company longer than if they stood firm on performance.
Yep - it's a brave new world. Within BMW's Big Tent there is something for almost everyone. Yes I suspect this "dilution" is the price of independence. If you want a sporty ride you cannot assume because a particular car is a BMW that the "ultimate Driving Machine" comes as standard equipment. All is not lost - enthusiasts occupy a smaller portion of the tent but BMW still recognizes our existence - if for no other reason than marketing. If you check the right boxes - and pay the related fare - a BMW can still be very sporty. I truly marvel at my X3 3.5 M Sport DHP - it is a fast fun ride - just the perfect combination of utility, comfort and bad-ass nastiness.
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