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Originally Posted by bmw_again View Post
It used to be, that's all I'm saying. And that was a good justification for the high base price compared to many of the competitors. Now you need to add bunch of options (that usually don't exist on dealer's lot, so you don't know what exactly you would get) and still you can do only so much. The transmission or steering example comes back to mind.

Now, to be fair my old car does have the 'sports" package but the ride without it was not that much different.

Another example - X1 had in my mind the perfect steering almost made me forget the lack of manual transmission. However suddenly (if my info is correct) the "servotronic" option becomes part of the base.

Sorry to vent.
Yep - I can relate - try to find a DHP equipped X3 on a dealer's lot - doesn't exist. I added DHP after I placed my order after reading the many recommendations here on Bimmerfest - and yes it was a $1000 well spent!. No DHP on any dealer cars - why - well dealers are reflecting their customer base - this reinforces the notion that the customer for BMW has changed. Like I said it's a brave new world - new electric BMWs???? - On one hand I shake my head in disbelief, but on the other, I understand BMW's need to redefine itself as the high tech - uber efficient Ultimate Driving Machine as opposed to more traditional performance definition. The world is changing - M cars do not have the same appeal to 18 year olds as a generation ago. I guess, more or less that I am happy as long as BMW continues to provide the performance boxes to check.
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