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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
Hmmm, I think the B&O in this Audi sounds a bit better than your's.

Maybe so and then again maybe not. Its all down to opinion really and I do laugh when I read all of your comments. Not one of you have heard the Euro version with DIRAC - it is a completely different system as they point the speakers in different directions. You can only go on what you have heard.

At the end of the day - its my opinion although I will say this. I did have the top of the range Harmon Kardon in my 330d (2003) and that system was superb (its been mentioned on other threads). My DIRAC Professional system is better and has a couple of hundred more watts - very bassy and if you turn it up loud - no distortion.

But hey - what do I know - oh yes - forgot to say - I am principal oboist of Peterborough symphony orchestra - been a musician for 30 years

BTW over here we pay $1300 on top of standard so that must be down to hardware.
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