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Toot77, I am also female, so I understand where you are coming from. At first I thought it was my light bulb, so I bought a pair from The Retrofit Source Inc.(see my first thread), which I now do not need. I'd offer to sell you this pair of bulbs, but they're in Utah, and I am in Arizona until mid-Oct. I figured out, after I bought them that it wasn't the bulb because I put the new bulb in, and it didn't help. The best ting to do is to take the good bulb and put it on the bad side to see if that makes a difference. This isn't too hard to do, but you have to be willing to get your hands a little dirty and move some parts around. Best to go onto Youtube for a video on how to change the xenon bulb.
If it's not the bulb, then most likely it is the ballast (which is the computer/transformer). I got this part on ebay: NEW Hella Xenon HID Ballast OEM Germany 5DV 008 290-00 Headlight Unit Igniter from "genuinexenon" for $145. I found a mechanic that was willing to just provide the labor for changing the ballast. If you have to buy the part from the BMW dealer or if the mechanic gets it for you, it's about twice as much.
Good luck, hope this helps!
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