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If you have an E53, you should be able to change the ballast by removing the complete headlight assembly. The bumper doesn't need to be removed, but the trim piece under the headlight does. There are two screws on the top of the headlight, and two more underneath it. The bottom two are a challenge to remove (1/4 socket extension with a u-joint will do it).

The trim strip under the headlight is removed by GENTLY pinching the mounting tabs together on the inside end (the end nearest the grille) with a pick or small screwdriver. You need to pry the rubber seal back a bit to see these little tabs. If you break the tabs off, the trim strip will rattle. Once the clip is free, carefully pull it back at a slight angle and remove the other end from the slot (no clip on the outer end). There are two more tabs on the bottom of the strip, these usually pull right out.

Once the assembly is out, you need to remove the headlight itself from the mounting bracket and then you can R+R the ballast. I ALWAYS replace the turn signal bulb when the unit it out, as preventative maintenance (the light has to come out again to replace these bulbs). The bottom seal on the trim strip usually needs to be reglued with some silicone seal.

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JUST...LOOK...UNDER...THE...CAR....for`s like checking to see if a dog is male or female....
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A bimmer with forced induction should have a proper manual gearbox. Anything less is like french kissing your sister.
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