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BMW E60, 545i N62, Engine Removal, Rebuild, Installation

This thread is for the removal/rebuild/installation of my engine. The title to my previous thread was about a head gasket, which was no longer really the case

I will go back and add the early pictures and more detail to this thread later. Below are all the ones from last weekend and this weekend.



Here are pics from the day--will go back and add text later. Overall, I can't feel any real wear on the cylinders of the old engine (fingernail doesn't catch at the top), but the thing is leaking from every seal there is. Oil pan, timing cover, alternator seal, rear main seal, rear coolant cover, you name it, they are all leaking. Anyways.. here are pictures

On the way to the parents house with the engine.. dog came with me

Getting "new" engine out of the truck. That was a chore as there wasn't much room to back the truck in

Another of the same

well, there she is

Here's how I left it last time..

Here's how I left it

Pulled alternator out

Not sure

Shot from underneath

Trying to figure out what to do about those transmission oil lines--ended up removing them from transmission and leaving the connected to the engine

Another--AC compressor unbolted

A lot of sensors unhooked, wires hanging everywhere

Torque converter to flex plate bolts

And finally a visible one

Plug that covers access to torque converter bolts

Torque conv. bolts + crankshaft sensor

I dread putting all those wires back

Thought I was ready to pull it out.. then found one more bellhousing bolt

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