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Originally Posted by UltimateDriving View Post
Wow very good thread, worth being a sticky.
I wonder how you remember where every wire, harness, hose goes . . .

Random questions: (If you dont mind answering them )
How many miles on engine?
What was your OCI?
What oil you used? (Brand and weight)
Whats your driving style and daily commute distance?
Mostly City, Highway or Mix?
Usually I find there's only one way it all fits back together.. so that helps with all the wires/hoses. I am going to pull the wiring harness off of the car altogether and install it on the engine prior to putting the engine back in, so hopefully that helps. I am very worried about missing one connection under the engine somewhere that I didn't notice until the job was almost done and well, that'd be bad

To answer your questions:
-207K miles
-I changed it ever 7000 to 7500 miles. I am the third owner. First owner changed it with BMW's recommendation. Second owner changed it more often than me
-I used Castrol and Mobil1 european blend, can't remember the weight. It was the BMW recommended ones
-I drive it pretty easy usually. Daily commute ~50 miles each way, mostly highway, some stop and go before getting to the interstate

Originally Posted by 07 E63650i View Post
Schpenxel, why do you not have your own BMW independent repair shop? Just kidding!

Seriously, good job on the progress so far. And just to make sure that I read things right, you bought replacement N62, correct?

What caused your original motor to die?
I have seriously thought about opening one.. but my "real" career has been going really well lately, so hard to leave behind the money I'm making at the moment.

If for some reason that went downhill, I'd probably give it a shot..

As far as why--I'll add that to the original post at some point but here is the short version:

Basically, my secondary air ports were clogged and was causing a service engine line, so I wanted to fix them. Some people have successfully put a solvent down into the system and blown it out with compressed air to break up enough of the carbon build up so that air can flow again.

Unfortunately, when I did this, after I started the car again I had steam rolling out of the tail pipe and water mixed in with the oil, which I thought (hoped) was a head gasket. After removing the passenger side head, I found cylinder #2 had a small crack in it

I still haven't figured out exactly what happened, but the only explanation I have came up with is the cleaning process broke loose so much carbon and got into the combustion chamber, and then when the piston came up it had no where to go. It sounds far fetched, but I haven't been able to come up with anything else. The cylinders had a ton of carbon in a few of them, like enough to scoop out with a spoon.. so maybe it's not as far fetched as it seemed at first
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