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Syncing the remote, googled how to sync e34 remote got,
Phillips screwdriver.
New remote.
1. Remove the rear seat bottom section. You will see an alpine alarm box located on the driver side.
2. Remove the two Phillips head screws that hold the box over and you will see an access door.
3. Open the door carefully: you will see a small black button and a small slot where the remote chip (eprom) is placed.
4. Remove the 2 Phillips head screws from your remote fob. You will see a small circuit board, a battery ad a chip. This looks like a very small ram chip on a PC. Carefully remove the chip from the remote and plug it into the empty chip slot on the alpine alarm box.
5. Put your key in the ignition and turn it to the 1st accessory position (Do not start the car). Go back to the alpine alarm box and hold the black button down for 10 seconds. Remove your key from the ignition.
6. Remove the chip from the alpine alarm box and put it back into the remote fob.
7. Re-mount the alarm box and seat bottom. This is it.
Alternate Procedure from Steward E.
1. Open the remote by removing the two screws and flip the cover open. If the battery comes out of it's position, make sure you put it back with + facing the correct side.
2. Remove the chip that is to be programmed. It has a white label with a serial number on it. The chip might come out easily, or you might have to use a small screwdriver to open the socket. The small plastic socket has a front end that can slide out if you pry gently with a small screw driver. This will make it easier to remove the chip.
3. Remove the back seat of the car (because the alarm unit is under it). The seat cushion is removed by locating the securing clamps, one on each side, roughly in the middle behind the front seat and at the lower end on the front of the back seat. Once you've located the clamp (you can feel where it is, but you can't see it), grab the lower end of the back seat at that point and pull hard up.
4. The alarm will be under the beck seat behind the driver's seat. Use a 7mm wrench to loosen the two screws on the bracket in front of the alarm. When the alarm is loose, turn it upside down. Open the small plastic panel. Now you will see a socket identical to the one in the remote. Insert the chip in this socket. Be careful and make sure it is inserted correctly. Turn on the ignition on the car. Go back and press the small button to the upper left corner of the chip you just installed. Hold the button down for just a few seconds.
5. Turn off the car's ignition, remove the chip and install it into the remote. The remote should now work.
6. Install the alarm unit and back seat and you're all set.

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