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Howard's repair made. Front glass only retracts halfway.

Originally Posted by Tony Egan View Post
Dear Howard
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I am new to this forum and have sort of come in by the back door as I purchased a BMW X5 at auction, when I was sent off by my wife to get a second hand Subaru Forrester. The price seemed right at the time and it certainly is a pleasure to drive, however it did have issues with the sun roof! I have understood some by reading your emails but still have a problem getting the front glass to go back so that I can make that mod on the side rails. I would be greatfull if you could email through the description for repair to
Kind regards
Tony Egan
I applied Howard's repair. There is a great YouTube video in two parts that shows how: is the first.

My front glass will not slide all the way back. The rear headliner had jammed was at a 45 degree angle. I was able to get it out. The roofs cycles, but the front glass stops halfway back. The rear glass has been disabled. Is it possible there are plastic pieces that are stopping travel?
The rear headliner needs new plastic pieces. The little plastic links to the front headliner need replacing. Anyone know where I can get them without paying for the entire kit?

I have been told I must remove the entire cartridge to put the rear headliner back. Is there way? I am truly lazy and will do it if I must. I would rather someone smarter than I tell me the trick.
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