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04 X5 4.4i - plus sizing tires

I'm getting close to needing new tires and considering plus sizing the stock 255/55r18's with 255/65r18's. Well...I guess that would be considered plus plus sizing. The stocks are 29" and the 65's would be 31.1" and 3 pounds heavier. My main motivation for this is to get a softer and more compliant ride. The X5 is my daily driver and being on a "truck" platform a bit too rough for my liking for the daily grind. I understand this probably will negatively affect the handling but I'd be willing to take a small hit for a smoother softer ride.

1.) Will these bigger 65 series tires fit on my 04 X5 without rubbing? I've peeked last night and there's plenty of room in the back and the front as well except for the the front shock which currently has about 2.25" of clearance from the stock tire. If I'm thinking about this right the new tires would be about 1" taller on both the top and bottom so I still would have 1.25" clearance from the top of the shock. Is that enough?

2.) Will this setup be OK with the electronics? I'm OK with a speedo change but don't want to mess up ABS, DTC, transmission, etc.

3.) Will this affect gas mileage? The tires will be heavier but the diameter will be larger so less RPM on the freeway? The X5 should also ride 1" higher off the ground. Interesting how this will all play out. The Michelins I'm considering are labeled Green X with low rolling resistance.

3.) I'm currently running Continental DWS that I've been real happy with. They unfortunately don't come in 65 series. I'm thinking about replacing them with Michelin Latitude Tours in 255/65r18. Any others in this size I should consider? It's driven only in Texas on paved roads so no worry about snow or off road capability. I would like a smooth, quiet running tire with good wear.

Thanks in advance for any comments from the pros out there.
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