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It seems that nobody can give you a final answer. Worse, BMW dealers don't know nothing about the problem and they are using it to get buy more parts.

I bought the car from the first owner and it appeared with him few months after buying the car. He didn't tell me about it. When I asked him about the problem he indicated that he "Forgot" to tell me...real honest man

The problem still there and you need to live with it. It tends to get worse in Winter. In Summer, it is less. So it might have something with warming up the car.

Some people say it is electronic problems. Others say it is hydraulic/mechanic problem in the transmission. Other suggested it is software issue.......

Sorry for not being of great help....but this is the reality

I would suggest to anybody who is approaching or thinking buying BMW, not to do it...We are getting little support from the company after throwing their cars

I would recommend either Japanese or US cars
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