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Originally Posted by NoI4plz View Post
If you need the driving experience, then X3 with m-sport or the DHP adaptive drive. Nothing beats it. The Q5 would be next of choice but it can`t really rival the X3. It`s also the hardest to deal with in terms of negotation off msrp. The RDX is an excellent vehicle. Its probably much better in carrying people and their stuff in luxury (again the cabin materials aren`t excellent but the value is there that none of the other 2 can match). The RDX is directly related to the CRV platform, down to the AWD system. Maintenance costs are not even a question compared to the RDX. Finally you would be purchasing new rather than CPOed.

BTW before we all recommend this warranty and that warranty and CPO or BMW extended please read or submit the fine print here. The details are ever so important. All the fluff that MFGs put out there hides the true nature of whats covered and not, so be careful.

Good luck
I intend to agree. I've test driven all three cars besides other more. I tested a bunch of cars on a single day to make comparison easier. Before I test drove RDX, I test drove a CRV AWD. My first impression of getting into the RDX was that this was an upgraded CRV. The impression was so strong that I couldn't help myself and directly said it out. The sales person became unhappy, and he immediately said that they were completely different cars. I then didn't say any words about the similarity between the two before him. I still remember some details: the central dash areas are almost the same except that RDX has clearer fonts and smoother buttons and corners of stuffs. In turning tight circles, RDX is little better than CRX, but not much. You can feel the body shake. I didn't circle in high speed, just around 10mph. Q5 has nice central dash, driving is stable, like many German cars. The worst part of test driving Q5 was that the salesperson didn't give me a chance to drive over 85mph. When I tested X3, it was completely different: agile in sport mode, comfortable seat, super in passing and at high speed. That made me decide to go with X3.

You don't need complicated knowledge to test drive cars. Drive them on high way to test acceleration, braking, high speed performance. Make tight smallest possible circles in both left and right direction in spacious parking lot to test manuverbility. And feel it.

Once you compare cars in your own judgement, then you know which one you like and dislike, which makes the choice much easier. Some times there might be only one choice left for you (this is my case after test drives).

I don't know the maintenance cost, since this will be my first X3. I choose a new once and don't have to worry about it for four years.

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