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Murphy's Law & Late Introduction

Hi all,

I've been a lurker here for almost three months now since I ordered my Silver Gray 330i w/ ZHP and thought I should officially come out of the woodwork! Thank you all for your wonderful help and tips, you've helped me educate myself on so many aspects of my new baby.

Good news:
I picked up my car two weeks ago. It's my first bimmer (and stick) and am in LOVE with it. I went from hating driving to continually asking my coworkers if they needed rides anywhere. It's no M3 and I'm still breaking in, but even driven sedately, it's the most fantastic experience ever. Thus the late introduction; I've been too busy driving it to actually post about it or take pictures... until now.

Bad news:
Thanks to Murphy's Law, Divine retribution for spending too much $$, or Alanis Moriset's brand of "irony", my first pictures of my car are of the damage sustained in my first car accident EVER. I consider myself very safe and good at defensive driving, but I guess for once I didn't beat the odds.

The accident was pretty simple actually. I'm merging onto a street from a stop, guy in front of me sees an opening and goes for it, I turn and look for my opening, go, and WHACK. Turns out in those two seconds the guy had changed his mind and stopped.

So now I have a bent bumper, dented grill, misaligned light fixtures and hood latch. Fortunate enough, no one was hurt (very slow speed accident), and the damage was limited to the bumper, front of hood, and some metal near the lights and hood latch.

It's too bad, it ruined my weekend despite being a relatively minor affair. Not looking forward to the insurance hike (esp since I was celebrating my insurance drop moving to the bimmer). And I'm really sad that I hurt my baby. But it could've been much much worse so I'm thankful for that. The car still runs fine and I still love driving it everywhere! In fact, I'm probably off to Santa Cruz tomorrow (along w/ the entire Bay Area). Anyhow, just wanted to pop my head in and say hi. Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.

P.S. I recommend that other newbie stick drivers leave their CDV in for a little bit until they're used to it. I know it makes clutch feel harder and makes shifting smoothly difficult, but it's saved my ass more than a few times where I mis-handled the clutch or thought I was in neutral. I suppose when I stop messing up, then I'll bother removing it.
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