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Twin Turbo ?

Will the new twin turbo diesel from the 5 series saloon be fitted to the X5 ? It seems a very obvious thing for BMW to do. I`ve asked my dealer and he says not, but It`ll go in the 6 series and the 7, basically to bump up sales of the less easily sold models. The X5 here in the UK sells very strongly with a 12 month waiting list, diesels longer.
Autocar magazine says the new diesel will go in everything, they are usually accurate.
On a different note, picking up my new X5 diesel next week. I have the X5 diesel already a 2002 model, which has been the best all round car I`ve owned. This replaced an ML, which was a pile of you no what !
I`ve had the old X5 chipped from day one and will get the new one done as soon as possible. It will take the new engine to the 260bhp / 600nm mark. Has any body had any diesel tuning experience ? I`ve chipped quite a few cars and had nothing but positive results.
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