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Originally Posted by vdt04452
First of all, do you have code rollback type opener? Here what you need to do:

1. unplug the power from the garage opener
2. Now go inside your car and select button #2 and have the remote control program as directed from the manual.
3. Now, You need another person go back the garage opener and plug in the power
and locate the button on garage opener (program code button) usually a red button. Now press the RED button. At the same time, the person inside the car press the program button #2 and hold down until the garage opener start moving. I hope this will help you out !!!
Why the heck would you need to unplug the garage door opener for?

On all the rolling code openers I've ever done, there is a button on the opener you need to push to tell it you're programming a new remote. Don't need to hold it down. Press it, then press transmit on your car's door opener. That's how all the ones I've seen work. Including my own.

However, you should consult your garage door opener's manual to ensure these are the exact steps to take for you as well.

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