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Originally Posted by AEC
Both Car and Driver and Automobile magazines have slammed the X3 for a harsh ride with either 17 or 18 inch wheels. I'd like to hear what the people who've driven the X3 think about the ride. Is it as bad as they say?
I test-drove every SUV I could think of that I might like (Lexus RX, Infinity FX, Toyota Sequia / 4Runner / Highlander, Mazda Tribute, Isuzu whatchamacallit, already own a Honda Pilot, Volkswagon Toureg, Ford Exploder, and more) and ended up buying 2 X3s (I made the mistake of bringing the wife along for the test-drive of the X's and she had to have an X3 afterwards).

So I who was smoking what to think the X3 has a bad ride?

btw, anyone want a slightly gently pre-owned 2004 Honda Pilot EX-L with only the low-low milage of 13k miles on it?
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