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Originally Posted by FireFly
Please offer up a comparison of the Pilot vs. the X3. How far apart are they? I was looking to get my wife a 2005 Pilot (with sunroof) but she has her heart set on the X3 - mainly because it's a BMW
The Pilot was my wife's, but when I decided to buy an X3 for myself (after my last car was totalled when some -ass ran a red light at 60+mph and t-boned me) she figured she should have a Bimmer too.

The Pilot is a more functional vehicle. It has more storage space, it has a third row of seating, and the Japanese pay more attention to ergonomics than the Germans do. The Pilot's interior is comparable to the X3 (better in some ways -- perforated leather and better looking trim -- worse in some ways -- cheaper looking plastics on the dash). It also goes further on a tank of gas than the X3, even though it has a bigger engine than the X3. It has a soft ride and is probably the best example of a soccer-mom SUV there is.

In comparison, the X3 drives like a car (which is to say, better than the Pilot from a strictly drivers POV). I haven't tested either on snow and ice, but I would bet that the X3 will perform much better (XDrive, lower weight, lower stance/center of gravity). BMW front seats are more comfortable than those in the Pilot, but the back seats are less -- and no 3rd row.

We really looked at them as SUV (Pilot) vs car (X3). She misses some things about the Pilot still (roomier, more people friendly ergonomically speaking), but she enjoys other things about the X3 (panorama moonroof, BMW name).

Now me personally, I don't like driving big SUVs* and am not comfortable in something the size of the Pilot. I like to drive down 89 to Sedona (one of the twistier roads in the US) as fast as I can -- so the X3 was a perfect fit for me. But I am a driver with no children, so it suits my tastes.

*except the Hummer -- which is a sweet offroad vehicle and I would buy one if I ever offroaded, but I don't so...
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