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Tip: Make the "New Posts" check only the forums you want! (Updated)

Tired of the "New Posts" link showing you a bunch of posts in forums you're not interested in seeing? Or maybe you stopped using "New Posts" because it always brought up too many posts?

Well, I have a solution for you!

Each forum has a forum number. To see which forum number is which, go to: and look at the link for the forums and you'll see each forum ends with a number. For instance, General BMW ends with ?f=2 so the forum number is 2.

For each forum you want to exclude from the "New Posts", note down the forum number that you want to EXCLUDE.

Now, create a new bookmark in your browser that follows the following syntax:

After the exclude= you want to put each forum number that you want to exclude, separated by commas.

Example 1:
If you want "New Posts" to view everything but Off Topic, bookmark the following:
Example 2:
If you want "New Posts" to view everything except Poly Sci and the Test Board, your bookmark would be:
Now, simply use the bookmark you created, and you'll be able to view new posts at any time with only the forums that interest you, and none of the extra noise!
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