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OK - OK. I get it. The 4.8is rocks. And for the most part I agree. Took delivery 221 miles ago. No hard driving yet - which of course, means no solid opinion yet. What I HAVE noticed is that I can take turns (freeway offramps, etc., at 60 mph that I'd be frightened to take at 30 in my previous 2002 Toyota Landcruiser; freeway onramps that I used to race onto in my S2000 and I can still downright pick up speed in, in my 4.8is) way better than I am used to.

But what I have also noticed is that I seem to have a possessed shift map with little or no reason for 1) shifting (think slowing from 30 in 3rd gear to a stop sign, reaching 12 mph and the rig downshifting to first gear, slowing itself by using its engine- therby raising the rev to 1500) or 2) denying shifting (think cruising up a slight grade going 13 mph, with your rig in second and refusing to shift to third gear while doing 2700 rpms - or doing 8 mph downhill in first gear with the tranny refusing to shift to second and doing 2000 rpms while slowing the rig.)

Please don't get me wrong - I love the rig. And I believe that I made the right decision. But, honestly, I do believe that the software may need to be re-mapped.

Anyone else got an '05 that feels the same?

Or is it just me? Perhaps I should start another thread rather than post this here - but here you go.
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