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Originally Posted by Zeke013
OK - OK. I get it. The 4.8is rocks. And for the most part I agree. Took delivery 221 miles ago. No hard driving yet - which of course, means no solid opinion yet. What I HAVE noticed is that I can take turns (freeway offramps, etc., at 60 mph that I'd be frightened to take at 30 in my previous 2002 Toyota Landcruiser; freeway onramps that I used to race onto in my S2000 and I can still downright pick up speed in, in my 4.8is) way better than I am used to.

But what I have also noticed is that I seem to have a possessed shift map with little or no reason for 1) shifting (think slowing from 30 in 3rd gear to a stop sign, reaching 12 mph and the rig downshifting to first gear, slowing itself by using its engine- therby raising the rev to 1500) or 2) denying shifting (think cruising up a slight grade going 13 mph, with your rig in second and refusing to shift to third gear while doing 2700 rpms - or doing 8 mph downhill in first gear with the tranny refusing to shift to second and doing 2000 rpms while slowing the rig.)

Please don't get me wrong - I love the rig. And I believe that I made the right decision. But, honestly, I do believe that the software may need to be re-mapped.

Anyone else got an '05 that feels the same?

Or is it just me? Perhaps I should start another thread rather than post this here - but here you go.
Zeke013, I've noticed that the gearbox software needs quite a few miles before it learns your driving style.

However, there are two 'characteristics' that can be slightly irritating, but I work around. Firstly in 'D Mode' it tends to stay in the highest gear possible, sometimes this means that if you reach 6th it's really reluctant to change down on a light-medium throttle. Also if you accelerate lightly in 'D Mode' it can sometimes hunt between gears on the way up through the box as if it's not sure whether to stay longer in 2nd gear or just shift into 3rd and use the torque. I don't find this a problem, but sometimes I just shift the lever across into 'DS mode' to make my intentions clearer.

Another characteristic can be found when in 'DS mode', if you come to a halt or take a slow turn (it changes into 1st), and when you accelerate again it doesn't seem to want to change out of 1st gear and will hold on to this way up to 5000 rpm of more. The solution I find is to either to back off and after a second or so it will change up or press more decisively on the throttle, in which case it will revert back to the sensitivity of a normal mapping and change up as soon as necessary.

It sounds to me like you're driving it in 'DS mode' most of the time, whereas I swtich between D and DS depending on circumstances. Niether of them is perfect for every situation, but there's always one of them that's best.
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