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Mein Auto: BMW X5 4.4i
Originally Posted by surreal
I think im leaning towards the 4.4 liter BMW X5 and might want to get turbo's or supercharge or get some sort of mod to make it faster/quicker....which ones are good?

Prices for those things?

Any suggestions--Thanks
Dinan has a supercharger kit for the X5 4.4i, unfortunately it is a hefty $15,995!!! You might be able to find a better deal, but that is what it says on their website.

X5 4.4i Supercharger System (S3 Engine)

Part #:


Labor Units: 276.0
Emission Status: 50 State Emission Legal
List of Included Items: Supercharger System with High Flow Intake Manifold and High Flow Air Mass Meter.
Special Notes: Free Flow Exhaust and High Flow Throttle Body Recommended.
Note: Due to the installation of larger fuel injectors for the supercharger system, the fuel consumption and range data displayed will be inaccurate.
Peak Horsepower: 451 @ 6000 rpm
Peak Torque: 439 lb/ft @ 4500 rpm
Point Value: 10

Dinan's supercharger system for the X5 4.4i delivers unparalleled acceleration, everyday driveability and the reliability enthusiasts have come to expect from a Dinan-tuned BMW. Countless hours of development, refinement and testing have resulted in a supercharged engine that produces 421 horsepower and 404 lb/ft. torque, yet behaves in a civilized manner. Close attention to detail and the highest quality materials ensure that the fit and finish are on par with factory standards.

Dinan's expertise in forced induction engine technology is evident in every aspect of the X5 Supercharger System. The system employs Vortech's efficient and reliable gear driven supercharger, featuring helical cut gears for quiet operation. In addition, the supercharger bracket system features a special Tension Compression Rod, designed to supplement the primary bracket for superior rigidity and further reduction of noise. The engine management systems have been programmed for maximum power gains, driveability and compliance with applicable emissions standards. Dinan engine management software ensures that the system maintains all On Board Diagnostic (OBD II) functions and that the ignition timing and air/fuel mixtures are optimal throughout the engine's operating range. The variable valve timing (VANOS) has been re-mapped as well, fully matching the programming to the supercharger. The system includes the High Flow intake Manifold and Air Mass Meter, ensuring that the enormous volume of air is pumped into the engine in the most efficient manner possible. Just imagine your X5 producing an additional 143 horsepower! An aggressive Cold Air Intake System ensures that the supercharged V8 is breathing plenty of cool, dense air for maximum power. The optional Free Flow Exhaust reduces back pressure for greater engine efficiency and the High Flow Throttle Body can be added for extra power and improved throttle response.

Warranty/Supplemental Powertrain Warranty
The Supercharger System is backed by Dinan's comprehensive 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. A Dinan Supplemental Warranty Program is included which provides coverage for eligible factory drivetrain components that are no longer covered by the original vehicle manufacturer's new car warranty due to the installation of the Supercharger System. The Dinan Supplemental Powertrain Warranty provides coverage for the remaining term of the original vehicle manufacture's new car warranty, up to 4 years or 50,000 miles.
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