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Old 01-07-2013, 12:53 PM
jukebox jukebox is offline
Lord John jury
Location: london
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Mein Auto: bmw 530D Se Gt
Cracked rims, tyres & oil sensor

New To forums but must get this of my chest

this is the contents of an email sent to Knights, Sytner, BMW Uk and customer service

Re: BMW SE Gt 530D

Further to our telephone conversation on the 23-12-12 ( latent Defects)

This to overview the experiences, problems and concerns I have
Regarding the purchase of the vehicle and the problems that
I am experiencing with the vehicle.

• A video link was set up between Knights and myself to
View the vehicle prior to purchase, areas of the car were visually
Shown including, interior, bodywork, wheels and tyres, your
Sales representative *** provided the commentary, and briefly
Provided a background on the vehicle .

• I made the commitment to purchase the vehicle based upon Jeff’s
commentary & video information, a deposit was made and arrangements
were made to collect the vehicle.

• I arrive to Knights showroom on the 24-10-12, to have a final inspection before
Making the purchase.

• Several questions were asked to **** prior to the purchase to establish if all was
OK and to proceed with the sale. I enquired about the vehicles history ( servicing
and other works that had taken place with vehicle), **** explained the first service
is due in 15000 miles I was satisfied with that answer this seemed to be OK as the
history book had no stamp in it , I also asked if the car had been in any accident
and as there been any repairs on paintwork carried out, he stated not to he’s

• Whilst looking over the car **** pointed out that the wheels and tyre are in
excellent condition. From a visual observation, it is only possible to see the wheel
from the kerb side, you can not Visually inspect the inner most surface of the tyre,
and you need to trust the sales person when they state tyre are in excellent

• Before proceeding to the payment of the lift car, I asked if all fluids had been check
together with every nut and bolt, he stated that car would have been into the
service bay and all would have been checked out by one of the BMW service
technician prior to being place for sale.

Problems Encountered

• Around 4-weeks after the purchase of my vehicle, I discovered a screw embedded
into the tread of the front Left hand tyre (NOT PUNTCHURED) I took the car to
G & S Tyre Services Ltd Barking, the car was placed on one of their ramps to
remove the wheel , I fetched the special wheel nut remover from the boot, and to
the engineers shock, mine too, the special socket tool was complete Brocken, and
would not fit the wheel bolt

• This could have been a more serious problem if my wife was driving, she would not
have had a clue what to do. I contacted Sytners in Loughton for their assistance,
but they were as useful as a chocolate tea pot, an advised me to drive to them to
resolve the problem, this was at risk of replacing a tyre when I was in a position to
save the life of the tyre. Why should I mention this, Why, because I asked if every
nut and bolt had been check obviously not.

• This piece dose not concern Knights but is directed at Sytners Loughton, I went thru
the vehicles system’s menu To seek information on the status of the car, this was
because we were away over Xmas, and just wanted To ensure all was OK with the
car. My vehicle stated that the engine oil was too high, I went along to Sytners
In Loughton to seek advice and rectification.

• I sat down with one of the service advisers, and explained that I have a Nag screen
that stating my engine oil is too high. Much to my surprise he’s answer was, that’s
normal, in fact it due to the weather that we have been experiencing over the past
weeks and because it is damp the oil is absorbing some of the moisture,( I
CANNOT REPEAT MY ANSWER) he went on to say that the oil is HYDROSCOPIC and
this is normal ( WHAT A LOAD OF B******) BMW must think that PLEBS own and
drive BWW cars. It’s a known fact that brake fluid is HYDROSCOPIC, but not
engine oil.

• After calming down and insisting that the car is looked at to establish if there is any
oil in the system, he stated we can not Manually check and told me it would need
to be booked in but this is really not necessary, I said that if I pull out of this
showroom And the car blow up what’s the situation, he replied the cars is still under
warranty don’t worry (Fantastic).

• Also at this time he asked if the car had been serviced I explained no, but the car
as a service plan till 2014, he’s response was to check the service plan system, and
to my shock and surprise, the car had received a service at just over 10,000 miles
( this is not what was explained to me by at Knights), also the entire braking system
had been replaced (Again, this was not advise by ****). From now knowing that
the car had had a service the service adviser thought it was necessary to have the
car check and book it in for inspection.

• Now with regards to the car wheels and tyre, I asked you on Monday the 23rd
2012, what guarantee do BMW have on the paintwork, You stated 10 years, I then
explained that I requesting that all four wheel rims are replaced as the paint is
flacking off of them, you seem to state that you would like to have a wheel looked
at by a wheel refurbishment company, and told me that the wheels had been
refurbish by Knight prior to the sale of the car ?.

• Again staying with the wheels, over the past month, I have had repeat tyre press
loss warning, which as lead me to constantly re pressurizing the tyre and resetting
the tyre pressure monitor, this Sunday 23-12-12, my left rear tyre provide a
warning of puncture immediately as I left my garage, I called a mobile tyre service
company, they attended my address later that morning to repair the tyre, but once
the wheel was remove it was evident that this was not a puncture but the rim was
cracked and beyond repair.

• Whist the wheel was removed the tyre engineer stated that the tyre was in an
illegal condition due the inside edge of the tyre being passed it’s working limits.
I understand that you have a report that the tyre are within BMW limits

• From the conversations that took place between us on Monday, it was stated that
the car will need to be taken into the nearest BMW center to establish the fact and
carry out a run test. I took the opportunity to read thru some of the forums relating
to rim’s cracking & tyre wear, I was alarmed at the facts that I read and that the
BMW system seem to be the blame with the amount of camber that is on the rear
wall, causing a point load instead of a uniformed load across the whole face of the
tyres (Front & Rear). You made mentions to potholes being the cause, this
would suggest that this comes down to the drivers of car is at fault. I will not accept
this as a reason, if I need to take evasive manoeuvres every time I confronted a
pothole or any other obstacle I would be charged for dangerous driving is observed
by a policemen, also there are limitless amounts of lump bumps with the
construction of our UK road that could cause any such affects if what you are
implying is correct.

• I fell that the system that BMW have adopted for their road wheels and tyre are not
up to merchantable quality and not fit for purpose and hold BMW responsible, I will
have the car booked asap next year to establish the reasons and corrective
measure that will be require to overcome the design problems.

Awaiting Your Reply

Without Predjudice



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Old 01-09-2013, 10:46 PM
Tonomeis Tonomeis is offline
Registered User
Location: SF Bay Area, California
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Mein Auto: 2011 535i Gran Turismo
Hello Jukebox,

I had a flashback when I read your post. I had a similar experience with cracked wheels here in the US. Take a look at my thread titled "I am no longer a Gran Turino owner" on page 2. I'm not going to say more because I can feel my blood pressure rising again lol. Sorry to hear of your experience. Take care.
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Old 01-10-2013, 05:38 PM
katiesdad7 katiesdad7 is offline
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Mein Auto: 2011 550I GT
I think that asking for "every nut and bolt" to be checked is physically impossible.
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Old 01-13-2013, 09:21 AM
jukebox jukebox is offline
Lord John jury
Location: london
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 5
Mein Auto: bmw 530D Se Gt
I know it was a bit anul with my request that every nut and bolt should be check.

But this was meant, as the car been truely inspected prior to purchased, which indeed it was obviously not.

Next time i by a car from BMW i wont make lite of the fact that i want every bolt & nut checked.

Just to end, BMW replaced my cracked rim out of the impairment funds, this is monies set aside for gobbie customers, but even after my rim was replaced they managed to pur someone elses center disc to the rim on my car (cracked and dented). Am i suprised NO.

thanks for your reply, its good to talk.
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Old 01-13-2013, 09:26 AM
jukebox jukebox is offline
Lord John jury
Location: london
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 5
Mein Auto: bmw 530D Se Gt

Much appriciated for your reply.

I will let you know how i get on with persuing BMW UK & AG regarding tyre ware.

Already had 15 emails sukhdeep bhamra BMW.

Awaiting hes comments before i issue papers


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Old 03-11-2013, 02:10 AM
jukebox jukebox is offline
Lord John jury
Location: london
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 5
Mein Auto: bmw 530D Se Gt
Cracked rim, Tyres & Oil

Hi again

it as taken a little time to respond, but after over a month of constant communication with BMW UK.

they have now agreed to replace my rear Tyres as a gesture of Good will, i eventually contacted Chris Browridge (BMW UK).

I passed my Forum Shout over to him, and BMW responded with the offer of two new tyres.

also, i have also been offer 2-no tickets to one of there BMW Calendar Events, which i will also be accepting

Moral of this story is don't give up,

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