Insider Details from Eric Riehle, BMW M Performance Parts Manager

by Tim Jones on May 12, 2012, 2:49 pm
BMW F30 M Performance Parts

Last week BMW released the US catalog of M Performance Parts. In short BMW M Performance Parts are BMW's answer to owners wanting to individualize their BMWs while retaining the factory warranty. The product catalog is impressive and the prices make the parts a great value.

We were excited about the new parts and wanted to get more information for readers. Eric Riehle BMW M Performance Parts Manager invited Bimmerfest to BMW of North America headquarters to discuss the US product catalog and give us a better idea of what goes into making BMW M Performance Parts for your BMW.

Bimmerfest: What F30 M Performance part are you the most excited about?
Eric Riehle: Hmm, it's tough. The aero kit looks really good, but I'm more of a functional guy so I would probably say the suspension, the suspension and exhaust. The exhaust is usually one of my favorites in the M Performance Parts catalog.

What is the development history behind BMW Performance Part and now BMW M Performance Part.
We've always had accessories for the car; trailer hitches, roof racks, then we started dabbling with spoilers and exhaust systems and then we saw a huge market for performance parts in general. So we decided to come up with its own brand identity and we call it BMW Performance. We brought more parts, not just the exhaust and spoilers we already had, we brought more parts into the mix, so we could offer a full catalog of BMW M Performance or at the time BMW Performance Parts. That includes anything that basically increases the performance aspect of the car, gives it more of an aggressive aesthetic look. For example the black kidney grills, which someone could say, is not really a performance part. But yet it's part of the performance catalog, which gives it (the car) that more aggressive look, a more sporty look.

BMW F30 M Performance Black Grills

What is the difference between Performance Parts, for the E90 versus the new M Performance parts for the F30?
It's the tie with BMW M and development of the parts. You'll see some of the design elements have changed. The steering wheel, let's take that as an example. The Performance Part wheel had a yellow centering stripe on top, the M Performance Part wheel has a red stripe. The brake calipers use to be performance yellow, now they're red. There are some other design cues that you'll see where it is red, verses where for BMW Performance it was always yellow. And the red was actually taken from the M color scheme.

Will we see M Performance Parts for cars out of production, eg. the E90?
Everything from now on will only be called BMW M Performance. Everything that has been called BMW Performance will carry on.

So it is safe to say there will not be any M Performance Parts for previous generation cars?
Correct, only cars released from here on out.

At what stage in a car's development are the M Performance Parts created?
It's done very close to the design of the car. So it's not like the car is already done and it's a few months before they release it, they say here you go, start working on your parts. They actually start a year and a half before the car is released. They really get involved very early in the game.

Will parts continue to be developed over time for the F30 or is this all we get?
For the most part this will be it for the F30. Later in November we will have the rest of the component (the aero parts) in the second wave of parts. And next year we will have the power kit. Not until LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) will see any additional parts. What we'll do now is once we have everything done for this car we'll start focusing on other future models.

BMW F30 M Performance Brakes

It looks like the F30 Aero kit parts are M Sport package specific?
The aero kit parts; the front splitter, the rocker panels and the rear diffuser only mount to cars with the M Sport package. When the M Aero kit comes out, what we're working on a retrofit package. So you could retrofit the M Aero kit bumpers onto your car. At that point in time you could put the front splitter, rocker panels and rear diffuser on.

What goes into the decision making for making M performance parts available in the US Market?
I try to bring over everything available for cars in the US market.

Will the US have any exclusive M Performance Parts?
Our exhaust systems are louder than the rest of the countries. That's what we like, right?! Sounds very V8 American.

BMW F30 M Performance Exhaust

Is the factory warranty intact for all parts including engine power kits?
It is whatever is greater: if the remainder of the vehicle warranty (4 years, 50,000 miles) is greater or the two year part warranty (2 year warranty) is greater. That covers everything, from exhaust to shift knobs, every part in the catalog.

Is the warranty transferable to a new car owner?
Yep, absolutely.

Is there any restrictions on the warranty? For example do the parts have to be installed by BMW?
The only restriction is if, let's say you bought the brakes and brought them home and installed them. Then it would only be a two year (parts warranty), but if you have them installed at the dealer it would be the remainder of the four years (four year, 50,000 mile warranty). Part installed at home it is an over the (parts) counter sale and we consider that a two year part warranty. It makes sense because we can't verify or confirm that it was installed properly.

Does the warranty transfer if the individual part is sold?
Yes. If you have the original receipt it is two years.

Will the there be an M Performance 328i Power Kit?
Right now we're working on the 335i Power Kit and it is still undetermined if we'll have one for the 328.

Will there be an M Performance exhaust for the 328i?
That is still undecided at this point. I would like to see a 328i exhaust personally.

BMW M Performance Brake made by Brembo

A big thanks to Eric Riehle for taking the time to sit down with us and give us an insider view into BMW M Performance Parts. See the complete F30 M Performance Parts catalog and view the gallery of over 100 photos of a F30 335i in Alpine White with the complete M Performance Parts catalog installed.

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6 responses to Insider Details from Eric Riehle, BMW M Performance Parts Manager

chris328 commented:
May 12, 2012, 2:54 pm

wow look at that diffuser. wtf?
beren commented:
May 12, 2012, 6:34 pm

328 exhaust please!
Elk commented:
May 12, 2012, 7:31 pm

Originally Posted by beren View Post
328 exhaust please!
One that "sounds very V8 American," just like the one for the 335.
jgrasty commented:
May 13, 2012, 11:47 am

+1 exhaust for the 328i; already plan to put the brakes and suspension on mine.
jordanM3 commented:
May 16, 2012, 6:57 pm

I'd like to ask him where the F12/F13 parts (like black grills) are! They show on the main site, but nowhere to be found in the US.
tim330i commented:
May 25, 2012, 1:10 pm

Originally Posted by jordanM3 View Post
I'd like to ask him where the F12/F13 parts (like black grills) are! They show on the main site, but nowhere to be found in the US.
To update everyone in the thread as well about the F12 / F13 6 series M Performance Parts. I talked to Eric Riehle and he confirmed there are M Performance Parts for the 6 series coupe and convertible. They are -

carbon fiber select lever - Currently available (PN 61312250703)
carbon fiber mirror caps - Currently available (PN 51162167294 & 51162167295)
black kidney grilles - Should be available by August
464M wheels - Currently available (PN 36112293855)
exhaust for 640i - Currently available (PN 18302293450)

The parts will be on website next week

Have a great holiday weekend everyone,