AutoBlog First Drive BMW F13 M6 in Spain at Ascari Track and Resort

by Tim Jones on June 25, 2012, 4:30 pm
AutoBlog BMW F13 M6 First Drive in Spain at Ascari Track and Resort

With the 2012 BMW F12 M6 convertible (Read my driving impressions) now hitting US dealerships our attention turns to the yet to be released 2013 BMW F13 M6 Coupe. Sharing the same engine, transmission and styling with the convertible but getting a bump in performance from the fixed roof and shedding weight by ditching the folding soft top mechanics the M6 coupe is the performance car of the two. What better way to test an elegant sports car like the M6 then at the elegant Ascari Race Resort. Described as one of the most beautiful tracks in the world I cannot think of a more fitting place for the M6 coupe to be put through it's paces.

With the E60 M5, the M treatment really saved the overly busy Chris Bangle design for the 5 Series sedan. That same argument can be made here with the F12 M6 coupe, which really benefits from filling out and pumping up versus the base 6 Series. With the carbon-fiber reinforced plastic roof adding a slick two-tone feel to the exterior and the roof's Zagato-esque double bubble form, the M6 coupe also wins in the aesthetics department versus its current siblings.

In acceleration, the F12/F13 generation M6 models are a tenth of a second quicker than the V10-powered generation, coming in at 4.1 seconds in the coupe to get to 60 miles per hour while using launch control. With the two twin-scroll turbocharged V8, torque improves some 32 percent up to 502 pound-feet. The new gen does suffer in comparison with the older gen when distances reach a quarter mile or more, this being due to the rabid high-revving peak of the former M6 at over 8,000 rpm. Max revs here get to 7,200 rpm and max power hits between 6,000 and 7,000.

All the M5/M6 models have been tried now, with the M6 coupe arriving in the States in September. So, where exactly has all the marquee-caliber thrill gone since the debut in 2005 of the E63/E64 generation? Are there just more worthy competitors now, or are the Bimmers stepping down off their altar a bit to reach the mainstream? Both are probably true, but the M6 coupe stands out amongst its own as the best banner waver for BMW's M-branded large cars.

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What do you think? Has BMW dumbed down the M6 or have the other automakers caught up?
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