Replacement for BMW M3 Coupe- The M4 - Spied Testing

by Tim Jones on July 21, 2012, 10:12 am
BMW M4 coupe spied testing

The BMW M4, the F30 based M3 coupe replacement was once again spied testing. BMW is renaming the 3 series coupe and convertible to the 4 series and therefore the M version of the coupe and convertible receive the M4 naming. The body work is mostly cladding designed to hide the final design from our prying spy photographers.

So far things we can tell about the 2015 BMW M4 include:
  • Blue brakes - Large cross drilled brake rotors and blue calipers that look like they're off the BMW M6
  • No sunroof - The test mule is sporting a carbon fiber roof, similar to the M6 coupe
  • Quad exhaust - The sign of an M car from the rear
  • 19 inch wheels - Slender 10 'double spoke' style rims will be stock with a 20 inch optional wheel we have yet to see
  • Its wide - While the fender shape has been hidden under camo the extra width of the car is obvious.

BMW has done a good job keeping the details from us with the bolted on extra body cladding and front and rear dummy lighting. Even the mirrors look to be borrowed from the F30 sedan parts bins, which will be replaced by launch time with something M4 specific.

There is much more to be revealed and we expect BMW to tease us with more and more naked test mules leading up to the launch. Anyone holding their breath it is going to be awhile, we're at least a year and a half away from seeing the M4 concept car. Who's has the all new M4 on their wish list?
BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 1BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 2BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 3BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 4BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 5BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 6BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 7BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 8BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 9BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 10BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 11BMW-M4-Spy-Photos 12

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4 responses to Replacement for BMW M3 Coupe- The M4 - Spied Testing

Jason @ BMS commented:
July 23, 2012, 6:28 pm

Finally! I can't wait.
pix335i commented:
July 25, 2012, 11:57 am

I'm very much interested in seeing what comes of the new M4 and what price point it ends up coming out at. Also very curious to see how much different the M3 / M4 end up looking ... if there is any level of difference like the M5 and M6 it should be interesting to see how it all plays out!
Individual750LI commented:
July 30, 2012, 1:53 am

Just spotted a camo'ed 4 dr 3 on Las Vegas strip! Could it be the next M3 as well?
tim330i commented:
July 30, 2012, 10:48 am

Originally Posted by Individual750LI View Post
Just spotted a camo'ed 4 dr 3 on Las Vegas strip! Could it be the next M3 as well?
Yes, I believe it was! The M3Forum member Moop spotted a camo F80 M3 in LA a few days before, they probably drove over to Vegas for hot weather testing -

BMW F80 M3 sedan

Next generation F80 M3

They were also hot weather testing the M6 Gran Coupe as well. More pictures of the F80 M3 in LA -

As in the latest M3 sedan news the F80 M3 was spied showing off the hood power dome!