F30 3 Series 'Sport+' Driving Mode - What cars do and do not have it

by Tim Jones on August 15, 2012, 11:44 am
F30 3 series driver experience switch

The F30 3 Series driver experience button can have either three or four mods. All F30s will have Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport. There has been much confusion about why some F30s have a forth mode, Sport + while others do not. I found the answer in a BMW technical F30 document. F30 3 series get Sport + Driver experience mode with one or more of the following options -
  • Sport Automatic Transmission (2TB)
  • Variable sport steering (2VL)
  • Adaptive M Sport suspension (2VL)
  • Sport Line

This information is from a 2012 document so there is no mention of M sport but I would assume that M sport also gives you Sport +. This should clear up the confusion about which cars have Sport + and why.

What does Sport + driver mode gives you? Surprisingly little. It allows you to turn off Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and turn on Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). That's it, no other changes. So if you don't have Sport + as a driving mode you're not missing much. From my driving experiences with the Bimmerfest Project 328i I found DTC to be almost as invasive as DSC. Both systems pull back wheel spin and don't let you get sideways.

Does anyone have an M Sport without any of the options listed above and can confirm they have Sport + as a driver mode?

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1 responses to F30 3 Series 'Sport+' Driving Mode - What cars do and do not have it

Cobalt0341 commented:
August 15, 2012, 1:44 pm

I drove a 2012 F30 335i at the drive for Team USA event. It had Sport +, I know this because I threw it on and kicked the ass end of the car out pulling out of the dealership lot.

They LOVED that.

For the record I am a very good driver and have taken advanced driving courses, so I was not being reckless, just showing off.