New Videos, Details and Website from the BMW Performance Center!

by Mark Jurista on September 28, 2012, 9:20 am

Some of the most talked about BMW videos usually involve some sort of hot lap and more than a few times they have been from the Performance Center. Today is no exception with a new video showcasing the power and performance of the 2013 BMW F10 M5 on the track. The video is meant to highlight some of the skills that you would learn from taking classes at the BMW Performance Center. If you are like most enthusiasts, just watching the video will make you want to jump on the new Performance Center web site ( and get all the details about how to get started.

There are a wide array of classes for you to choose from including:
  • One or Two Day Teen Schools - This class is the best gift you could probably give a teenager that loves to drive. What better way to get a teen started driving than to have the staff at the Performance Center teach them?
  • One Day School - This one-day program emphasizes professional driving theory supported by hands-on practice. Accident avoidance maneuvers and skills are developed on several areas of the Performance Center's driving course, ultra slick skid pad, slalom course, autocross circuit and lifestyle course. Everything from vehicle dynamics and the significance of weight distribution and seating positions, to effective cornering under controlled and panic breaking situations are reviewed.
  • Two Day School - This two-day session picks up where the Car Control Skills Clinic ends. Participants spend more time on the skid pad and gain an in-depth understanding of the active safety technology to become safer, more responsible drivers. A portion of the second day is spent in a number of different BMW vehicles to demonstrate differences in vehicle dynamics.
  • One Day M School - Learn high performance driving skills in M vehicles. We spend a full day at the BMW Performance Center honing our techniques on our aggressive handling and safety course.
  • Two Day M School - BMW offers a two-day class utilizing the high-performance M5ís, M6ís and M3ís. Participants experience the dynamics of these high-performance vehicles and understand active safety features while maneuvering through the school's aggressive circuit. Emphasis is placed on advanced car control techniques.
  • Advanced M School - Prerequisite required for this advanced driving course. Call to see if your experience qualifies you. This school will be held at various racetracks around the country. Some schools will be all inclusive and some schools are tuition only. Pricing is dependent on what is included. Experience high performance maneuvering in M cars! You will learn highly technical driving skills such as controlling aggressive oversteer, cornering, breaking and accelerating at high speeds. This course is not for the faint of heart, prepare to come leaving exhausted!

The best part about the BMW Performance Center in our opinion is the opportunity to take delivery of your new BMW through the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program. This delivery option gives you the incredible opportunity to receive a hands-on driving session on the Perforamnce Center driving course in a BMW that closely resembles your new model. During the session, you will be paired up with a professional BMW driving instructor and gain a firsthand understanding of the specific dynamic capabilities of the new vehicle and how it behaves in a variety of road conditions and driving situations.

You will leave the BMW Performance Center wanting more and there is a good chance you will be back for one of the driving schools mentioned above!

Take a few minutes to head on over to the newly revamped Performance Center web site and see more pictures, photos and videos highlighting all the that BMW Performance Center has to offer. You can start making plans to take delivery of your next BMW in a whole different way.

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1 responses to New Videos, Details and Website from the BMW Performance Center!

johnofcross commented:
September 30, 2012, 8:00 am

Yup. Been on that M5 hot lap when I went to One Day School 9/27. Soo insane!