Stuart Clifford, BMW ActiveE driver and one of the original Electronauts

by Tim Jones on October 22, 2012, 6:42 pm
Review of BMW ActiveE from the owners perspective

Stuart Clifford a BMW of Peabody customer and ActiveE "Electronaut" sits down with Luxury Cars New England to talk about his ActiveE ownership experience.

How long have you been driving your ActiveE, and how many miles have you put on it?
I took delivery of my ActiveE on March 7th, 2012 current mileage is over 10,000 miles. I did lose 20 days of driving due to vacations and maintenance on the car, so the mileage should have been higher. We actually have a competition between East and West Coast ActiveE drivers to see which group drives more: The site also has a running calculation of the amount money saved based on the mileage driven with gas prices of $4.00/gallon.

Was this your first BMW model?
Yes, this is my first BMW .. it won't be my last!

What have the reactions been to your electric BMW?
They've been really great, but you always get some cynical people in any crowd. Most people didn't realize BMW was involved in electric-car development. I then explain the progression from Mini-E to ActiveE to the production i3 that will be available for purchase towards the end of 2013. They mostly ask about the range and where I can charge. To date, my furthest distance on a single charge is 110 miles. That was 80% highway driving and keeping my speed under 68 mph.

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