0% Emissions. 100% Joy.

by Lisa DePaolo on November 21, 2012, 1:24 pm

What were you up to during the summer of '69? Creating the future of emissions-free driving by chance?

While you were busy tie-dying T's, BMW engineers were designing their first electric motors: two 1602 series, powered by 12 led batteries that lasted 12.6 kilowatt hours. And since those magical times, they've come a long way in evolving the concept to what we now have the pleasure of enjoying in the Active Hybrid line.

From the first hydrogen combustion engine in the 80's, to the BMW H2R in the 21st Century that broke 9 speed and acceleration records, it's clear they kept the right balance between minimizing emissions and maintaining driving pleasure. Then came the Active Hybrid technology BMW X6, which draws electric energy from the braking system, which led to the Active Hybrid 3 and 5 series equipped with a 330 horsepower motor.

Watch and see how rapidly they've mastered the art of efficiency, without compromising the excitement of power, acceleration, and speed that comes with the joy of driving a BMW.

Pretty groovy ay?

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