Gruppe M intake installed on Turner Motorsport Frozen F10 M5

by Tim Jones on November 27, 2012, 12:12 pm
BMW F10 M5 Gruppe M intake

Turner Motorsport installed one of the first Gruppe M carbon fiber intakes on their frozen gray F10 M5. Here is their story of the installation process and initiall feedback on what the ram air intake does to the impressive power output of the 2013 M5.

Turner Motorsport:
The Gruppe Intake for F10 M5 fitment is very good. The install takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on skill level, this includes the removal of the front bumper. We followed the instructions which were good but were sometimes hard to follow due to the translation from Japanese to English. We began the install by removing the front bumper of our M5, this was relatively easy. The most difficult part of removing the front bumper on our particular car was the connections to the night vision. There are power supply and video cables as well as a washer fluid hose that connect directly to the back of the camera inside the driver's side kidney grill.

BMW F10 M5 carbon fiber intake

The night vision camera actually has a washer jet on the lens to keep it clear just like the headlights which we thought was pretty cool, something you don't think about. After we removed the washer fluid hose and capped it off the bumper was removed and we could access the area behind the grills to install the ram air scoops which collect air flowing through the grills and forces it into the air intake inlets behind the headlights. The install of these scoops was simple.

After the scoops were installed we continued on to remove the stock air boxes and stock mass air flow sensors to switch them over to the new Gruppe M intake piping. The fitment was great and there were no issues with installing the OE Bosch sensors into the Gruppe M piping. As we began to install each Gruppe M piece we had absolutely no fitment issues at all. Everything lines up as it should. All the hardware needed to install the kit is provided, including the hose clamps, screws, and bolts.

BMW M5 ram air intake

We are extremely happy with the install of this intake. The directions were as clear as they could be with the needed translation, each component of the Gruppe M intake was flawless both aesthetically and functionally. Each part fit perfectly, as if it was original equipment. The one thing we would improve is to make the photos in the instructions a bit bigger. Other than that minor complaint we would recommend this product for any M5 owner looking for a high end intake that looks great and fits great. The carbon scoops behind the front grills look awesome as well as the carbon air boxes and intake tubes under the hood. The high quality look of the carbon fiber really compliments our M5, improving the look of the engine compartment. Stay tuned to hear our first impressions of the intake as we put some miles on our M5.

This mass air intake system is designed to harness the maximum amount of air available in the F10 M5 engine bay. Careful testing went into the production of this Carbon Fiber system. The air is directed from the rear of the front grill directly into the intake manifold. The air flow is greatly increased within the 4,000-5,500rpm range where the M5 makes the most power adding approximately 15hp and 30 ft lbs of torque.

The F10 M5 Gruppe M intake isn't cheap at $3,389.95 but the quality of the hand made carbon fiber is worth it. To get your own F10 M5 Gruppe M intake head over to Turner Motorsport M5 project page or give them a call. The intakes are made to order in Japan so allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
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2 responses to Gruppe M intake installed on Turner Motorsport Frozen F10 M5

jdauria commented:
November 7, 2013, 9:31 am


I know this is a random question on an old thread, but can Turner source GruppeM intakes? I don't see them listed on the site
tim330i commented:
November 7, 2013, 10:12 am

Originally Posted by jdauria View Post

I know this is a random question on an old thread, but can Turner source GruppeM intakes? I don't see them listed on the site
I would think so but an email or call to TMS will tell you for sure.

Good luck,