Celebrating Nine Decades (90 Years!) of BMW Motorrad

by Tim Jones on April 12, 2013, 12:05 pm
Nine decdes of BMW Motorrad

For nine decades the BMW brand has played a defining role in the development of personal mobility on two wheels. Over this time, a talent for innovation, success in motor sport competition, outstanding quality standards and distinctive design have earned BMW Motorrad the status it enjoys today. The founding fathers of this successful heritage are BMW motorcycles which demonstrated their functional efficiency and reliability – both in the sporting arena and the “real world” of day-to-day riding – to fulfil a basic need for independent travel. Over the decades, however, the pure pleasure of motorcycle riding has steadily grown in importance. Indeed, captivating technology and the experience of freedom continue to fuel the ever-increasing popularity of the BMW Motorrad brand around the world today.

90 years on from the presentation of the first ever BMW motorcycle, fresh challenges have come to the fore, particularly where urban mobility is concerned. BMW Motorrad has focused its attention on a range of issues – the importance of reducing emissions and making more efficient use of traffic space among the most important – notably through concepts with all-electric drive systems (and therefore zero local emissions). These machines open a window into riding pleasure powered by sustainable drivetrain technology and provide another example of how BMW Motorrad has channeled its passion for innovation and dynamics into the service of personal mobility.

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