Turner has an easy way to get more from your F30 335i: The aFe Stage2 Intake Kit

by Bernie McGroarty on September 5, 2013, 3:03 pm
Turner is proud to be the first in the BMW Parts world to have our hands on one of these cool new intakes from aFe Power. We are even lucky enough to exclusively sell these to help launch this new line. aFe has taken a completely new approach with these new Momentum intake kits. Basically, the goal is to use the least amount of parts possible, keeping it as simple as possible

Introducing the brand new aFe Momentum Stage 2 Intake for F30 335i. The AFE momentum intake for the F30 335i is ridiculously easy to install. If we were to do it again it would probably only take about 5 minutes or less. The instructions are complete and spot on. The kit comes complete with the intake tube, filter, filter housing and couple pieces of hardware keeping the install extremely easy.

The install basically boils down to un-clamping the stock tube, disconnecting the MAF sensor and popping out the stock tube and box (they are just held in by three rubber grommets) that's the first half. Then transfer the MAF sensor and one rubber grommet from the tube (the two on the box stay in the car), pop in the AFE intake (box and filter first then the tube), attach MAF sensor, tighten hose clamps and your done. We would guess that the average install time on this intake would be 15-20 minutes depending on experience.

Our first driving impressions with the kit was the subtle increase in turbo noise at certain RPM under full load. The blow-off/diverter valve was noticeably louder when letting off throttle at full boost. Throttle response was virtually the same but it did seem like some increase in power was slightly noticeable. We believe the real draw to this kit is the fit and finish of it. It literally looks like it came from the factory with this intake on the car! The intake tube and filter housing fit perfectly. The under-the-hood aesthetics are virtually unchanged.

It looks clean! I'm sure you are wondering about the gains though. The Stage 2 Sealed Intake for BMW F30 335ii with N55 turbo motor, produces 11HP, 15LBS. x FT. of torque and outflows the factory intake by 37%.

Read more about the aFe Intake Kit - F30 335i 2012+ - Stage 2 Sealed Intake here.

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Sjnassani commented:
September 6, 2013, 9:53 pm

Are those performance numbers at the wheels or crank?