Christian von Koenigsegg gets a Tesla - Who will be getting a BMW i8?

by Bernie McGroarty on February 17, 2014, 11:56 pm

Looks like Christian von Koenigsegg, owner of the supercar brand Koenigsegg, prefers to drive something a bit more easy on the petrol on a daily basis, than one of his cars. Von Koenigsegg recently took delivery of a Model S from Tesla. The Model S is an all-electric performance sedan, for those who don't know, that is capable of up to 265 miles on a charge and can get to 60 mph in around 4.2 seconds. Not a boring sedan by any means.

In an article from, von Koenigsegg gave some insight into why he made the choice to get a Model S. 'For its price, there’s simply no better performance sedan on the market. And considering von Koenigsegg’s admiration for electric cars, it comes as a no-brainer that he decided to purchase one. What’s more, he also says that the Model S is more enjoyable to drive than a BMW M5 with it accelerating faster and actually handling better.'

It's good to see big names getting excited about electric and even hybrid cars, especially the high-performance models. It can only help sales and popularity. The Model S has been around for a bit now, building a strong following. BMW's i8 should be arriving on the scene soon, although all the i8s are already sold out for the first year. I'm sure many of those initial i8s are going to celebrities or heads of large corporations. Who do you think is going to be driving an i8?


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