BMW teams up with IBM's Watson

by Bernie McGroarty on December 19, 2016, 5:55 pm
”elementary my dear watson”

BMW is teaming up with IBM’s Watson to help make the driver/car relationship a little more personal. Future vehicles will get to know their drivers better by learning their habits and hopefully enhance their driving experience.

BMW plans to use IBM's Watson in order to expand personalization of the driving experience and create new, better driver support systems for future vehicles. BMW will leave a team of researchers at IBM's headquarters in Munich, and they'll work with IBM's team of consultants and developers.
Watson is a prime example of using machine learning to create new solutions, which is exactly why BMW is heading that way. Machine learning can pick up on a driver's habits and customize the driving experience accordingly, whether it's offering up points of interest or already knowing where to go when the driver gets in.
BMW isn't the only brand getting in with Watson. Back at the end of October, GM announced their partnership bringing the OnStar system and IBM Watson together to make OnStar Go.

“IBM and GM are changing the whole notion of where valuable, daily rituals occur. The combination of IBM Watson and industry-leading OnStar connectivity will enable vehicles with intelligent branded skills and services to empower drivers and passengers,” said Paul Papas, Global Leader, IBM iX. “Simply put, OnStar Go with IBM Watson transforms time wasted in the car into time well spent.”
You can read more about GM's partnership with IBM Watson here!

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